Why do we need to increase Electric Potential? Since there are 15-90 millivoltages in a cell membrane in your body, and approximately sixty trillion (60,000,000,000,000) cells in the whole body, the total electric potential is a very considerable number. In addition, the electric potential in the human body reduces with age, and the reduction of electric potential can trigger illness. For this reason, it is necessary to increase the electrical potential to improve your health.

Features & Benefits:
E-Power™ was designed to provide Negative
Potential Energy (Energy for Rest) with High
Frequency Energy (more ATP). Using your
body as a capacitor, E-Power™ generates 70
KHz of high frequency electrical waves
creating an internal energy that will balance
and revitalize you.

You should NOT use if you have a pacemaker, are menstruating, pregnant, or have a high fever.

Consult with your doctor before using the E-Power™ if you have any implants of gel or silicon, transplanted organs, heart problems or tumors.

Rosella Hill #A225858


For more information contact: 

Rosella Hill, APP CNHP BT
Rosella’s BodyTalk™
131 N. Broadway
De Pere, Wisconsin (USA) 54115


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